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Have you been informed about the
Customer Satisfaction Survey?

You should have been briefed by your origin PPSO regarding a customer satisfaction survey that they have asked you to complete “on-line”. Please take time to complete this survey at the conclusion of your move. To complete the survey, you need to log on to www.sddc.army.mil, click on “Personal Property”, click on “customer Satisfaction Survey” and enter the password that was given to you during your counseling. Questions 4 through 9 directly rate the service of Ameritrans International, Inc. Please contact us if you feel you cannot answer question number 9 as “Excellent”. Also, with the number of people it takes to handle a shipment, the odds of someone having a “bad day”, or in other words not being quite as efficient as they would normally, are increased. It is our goal to do as much as we can to mitigate these issues. Therefore, we would appreciate as much feedback from you as possible.